A software development company is involved in transforming the user need or marketing objectives of an organization into software products. A software development company is engaged in developing computer software products and services required by many business organizations, educational institutes, and government bodies.

A software development company understands the process of software engineering (software development) and marketing better and facilitates the collaboration between the two to bring in success. These companies have efficient and expert project managers, who can accomplish both the duty of a technology officer and a marketing manager. Apart from software engineering and marketing activities, the software development companies associate other functional activities, such as budgeting, crisis management, human resources, intellectual property, market research, and risk management for better project management.

Primarily, a software development company follows a procedural step in its approach to develop software applications. These systematic steps include,

    * Gathering Requirement Analysis that involves gathering information relating to the proposed business solution
    * Analysis of the problem
    * Designing the software solution
    * Implementation of the software (also known as coding)
    *Testing the software
    *Deployment of the software
    *Regular maintenance and bug fixing

A software development company is involved in the development, maintenance, and publication of the software products. Most of the software development companies are also engaged in the software services, such as software training and consultancy.

With the growth and development of the software industry worldwide, software development companies are experiencing a boom in the industry. Changing business requirements and the dynamism in the modern corporate world demand more efficiency and innovation in the work. Software development companies are implementing many new technologies to ensure their product quality and uniqueness. Software development companies use many computer languages and software development platforms, such as C, C++, .NET programming, and Java to develop winning software applications.

Software development companies also develop software applications to ease the functioning of various other departments in an organization, such as marketing, finance, HR, production, and CRM.

With the talented pool of software developers, analysts, lead programmers, and project managers, these software development companies are offering the best business critical software solutions in a time and cost effective manner.

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